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Jennifer Radoff
Jennifer Radoff

Jen Radoff

Postdoctoral Researcher

Jen researches teaching and learning in K-16 STEM, with a focus on the interaction of conceptual, epistemological, and affective dynamics of learning. She has worked in a number of formal learning contexts, ranging from elementary schools to universities. Jen works with Professor Andy Elby on Research on practice using STEM inquiry embedded with computational thinking in elementary school. They work with elementary school teachers to incorporate authentic inquiry and computational thinking in their science lessons through responsive teaching.

Dissertation: Dynamics Contributing to the Emergence and Stability of Students' Scientific Engagement Over Multiple Timescales

Anthony (Tony) Pellicone

Postdoctoral Researcher

Tony researchers learning through games. He is working with Assisstant Professor David Weintrop on the project HEX of Turtle Islands, a video game designed to help broaden participation in the field of cybersecurity

Dissertation: Performing Play: Cultural Production on

Picture of Ashley Coon

Ashley Coon

Ashley has a background in molecular and cell biology and is a former secondary science teacher.  Her research interests include science education, science teacher education, and teacher recruitment and retention.  Ashley works with Professor Diane Jass Ketelhut on Accessible Computational Thinking in Elementary Science Classes within and across Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Contexts (ACT), where they investigate best practices for helping elementary teachers incorporate computational thinking and culturally relevant experiences into their science lessons.

Dissertation: From Dichotomy to Continuum: Linking the Recruitment and Retention of Science Teachers