Center Faculty

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Amy Green

Director of CSTE

Research: Science teacher education, environmental literacy education, STEM education.

Diane Jass Ketelhut

Diane Jass Ketelhut


Research: Improving science self-efficacy, learning and engagement through scientific inquiry experiences within virtual environments across all grades and ages. Investigating the integration of culturally responsive pedagogies and computational thinking into elementary preservice and inservice science teacher education.

Andrew Elby

Andrew ("Andy") Elby


With a background in physics and philosophy, I currently conduct research on physics education, science education more generally, and engineering education. Interests include how students and teachers decide, in the moment and also more broadly, to focus on deep understanding, and what they view as "deep understanding" and how to pursue it. I'm also interested in how science and engineering students conceptualize and navigate ethical issues as they pursue their studies and proceed into their professions.

Tamara Clegg

Tamara Clegg

Associate Professor

Developing technology to support life-relevant learning environments, participatory design with children.

David Weintrop

David Weintrop

Assistant Professor

Computational thinking and computational literacy, learning and design, computer science education, educational technology, broadening participation in STEM, human-computer interaction, computational methodologies. 


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Sarah McGrew

Assisstant Professor

Research: Digital literacy; educational technology and equity; civic education; history/social studies education; teacher education

Daniel Levine

Daniel Levin

Associate Clinical Professor

Research: Science teacher education, formative assessment, responsive science teaching, disciplinary writing, scientific practices.

Tranae Johnson

Tranaé Johnson

Senior Faculty Specialist, Professional Development Schools Coordinator for Secondary Science Education 

Research: Equitable teaching practices, Student centered-inquiry based instruction.

J. Randy McGinnis

J. Randy McGinnis


Science teacher education, equity, climate change education, and computational thinking.