Center for Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education (CDIHE)


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The Center for Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education (CDIHE) is a national think tank, research center, and consulting organization for justice, equity, inclusion, diversity, and antiracism in higher education contexts. The CDIHE has faculty affiliates from higher education institutions and professional organizations across the United States who contribute to the think tank mission of the center. We have a cadre of faculty, students and staff working in the CDIHE to advance research related to institutional inclusive excellence, cabinet-level diversity officers, antiracism, campus climate assessments, difficult dialogues teaching and learning, and a wide variety of other topics. The CDIHE works with higher education institutions across the country and the globe to provide institutional consultation related to our focal areas of expertise. Although the CDIHE engages the UMD campus community on topics of institutional inclusive excellence, the center is outward facing and international in its scope of work.


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