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Teacher education, teacher leadership, asset-based pedagogies, social-emotional learning, classroom climate, family engagement and community partnership, student engagement, restorative practices, and teacher wellness.
Secondary mathematics education, urban schooling, alternative certification, critical pedagogy, and the sociology of education.
2. Climate Change Education, 4. Computational Thinking, 1. Science Teacher Education
Policy studies, legislative issues, international special education.
Social learning, social cognition, and cognitive development in early childhood. How children's early learning is fundamentally shaped by the social context in which it occurs.
The impact of college on students, college choice, classroom experiences, minorities in higher education, college outcomes, alumni.
Parenting and children's cognitive and social development, parent involvement in schools and children's achievement, cultural and ethnic differences in parenting behaviors and children's outcomes
mathematics teaching as a societal endeavor, student-centered mathematics teaching, representations of teaching, technology-supported, practice-based teacher education, history of mathematics, history of the mathematics curriculum in the US
Rose's research centers children and youth from historically marginalized communities, multicultural children's literature and education, literacy, multiliteracies, diversity and inclusion in the classroom, culturally responsive teaching, culturally sustaining practices, critical consciousness, teacher education, teacher pedagogies, teacher and student agency, social justice, activism, and equity in education.
Examining relationships between teachers' beliefs, knowledge, and dispositions and their instructional practices; measuring teachers' implicit perceptions of classroom interactions; mapping adolescents' mathematics identity development