Policy studies, legislative issues, international special education.
Social learning, social cognition, and cognitive development in early childhood. How children's early learning is fundamentally shaped by the social context in which it occurs.
Parenting and children's cognitive and social development, parent involvement in schools and children's achievement, cultural and ethnic differences in parenting behaviors and children's outcomes
Studies the relationship between student achievement and components impacting instructional practice, including the impact of math specialists/coaches and the implications of teacher knowledge.
mathematics teaching as a societal endeavor, student-centered mathematics teaching, representations of teaching, technology-supported, practice-based teacher education, history of mathematics, history of the mathematics curriculum in the US
Examining relationships between teachers' beliefs, knowledge, and dispositions and their instructional practices; measuring teachers' implicit perceptions of classroom interactions; mapping adolescents' mathematics identity development
educational entrepreurship, technology, leadership
Transition services and secondary education
Research examines how education policies and practices affect the educational experiences of at-risk students, including how the social organization of schools and different instructional practices affect distribution of educational opportunities.
equity, data-based decision making, formative assessment, implementation science, intensive intervention, disability policy, school improvement, assessment, special education, Learning disabilities