sociocultural approaches to second language acquisition focusing on dual language learners (ESOL students), peer interaction, language exchange, and teacher learning to build upon students' linguistic and cultural diversity
1. Science Teacher Education, 2. Equity, 3. Climate Change Education, 4. Computational Thinking
policies pertaining to the education of children and youth with disabilities
Evidence-centered design, cognitive psychology and assessment
cognitive development, mathematics, symbol grounding
Severe disabilities, leisure skills, secondary and transition programming.
task-based student-centered mathematics teaching, Equity and diversity in mathematics education, Mathematics education of emergent bilingual students
Transition services and secondary education, transition assessment, technology in classroom/community.
PK-12 literacy teaching and learning, the discourses involved inteaching and learning in schools, comprehensive school-wide literacy programs, and sustainable school improvement.
Dr. O'Meara conducts research on organizational practices that facilitate the full participation of diverse faculty and the legitimacy of diverse scholarship in the academy. She studies organizational policies, practices and cultures with an eye toward changing them to be more inclusive, equitable, and agency-enhancing for all faculty. Her recent work examines how work environments and reward systems enhance faculty agency and influence departure, the role of peer networks in advancing equity and inclusion, and gender equity in workload and distribution of campus service.