item response theory, psychometrics, test theory, statistical inference, Latent variable modeling
student absenteeism; exclusionary discipline; educator’s labor market and effectiveness; school reform; health and education; higher education; causal inference; text as data.
latent class modeling, assessment of model fit, adaptive testing
Bilingualism, applied linguistics, codeswitching, bilingual education, dual language education.
Bilingual/Dual Language Education programs; equitable access to specialized school programs; EL learner engagement; parent choice; gentrification; family language policy; and social justice
sociocultural approaches to second language acquisition focusing on dual language learners (ESOL students), peer interaction, language exchange, and teacher learning to build upon students' linguistic and cultural diversity
digital literacy; educational technology and equity; civic education; history/social studies education; teacher education
policies pertaining to the education of children and youth with disabilities
Evidence-centered design, cognitive psychology and assessment
cognitive development, mathematics, symbol grounding