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Career choice and development; career self-management; work and life satisfaction; academic adjustment; counselor training and supervision; psychological adaptation and health across the lifespan; technology and the future of work
Behavior disorders, school discipline, school exclusion, education programs in institutional settings.
science teacher education, formative assessment, responsive science teaching, disciplinary writing, scientific practices
Discrimination and health disparities. Intersectionality theory, racism and sexism, gendered racism. Minority stress and coping. Black mental health. Black women's health.
Early childhood, professional development, curriculum adaptations for inclusive classrooms.
Peace education, environmental ethics and education, world religions and spirituality education, Chinese education, culture and society, East-West Dialogues in education and culture.
large scale assessment, validity, longitudinal and value added models
item response theory, psychometrics, test theory, statistical inference, Latent variable modeling
Dr. Rossina Zamora Liu's scholarship focuses on antiracist, racial, and social justice education; systems of white supremacy and anti-Blackness in education; critical ethnographic methodologies; counterstorytelling in pedagogical and research methods; and cross-racial coalition and solidarity among Black, Brown, and non-Black communities of Color.
K-12 education policy; computational social science; artificial intelligence & education