mathematical experiences, mathematics identity, classroom discourse, positioning
Minority students, minority high achievers, underrepresented faculty.
Equity, Latinx Education, School-Family-Community Partnerships, Urban Education Reform
The effects of school-university partnerships on student achievement.
Treatment and rehabilitation of mental disorders and addiction; Career development for adolescents with disabilities transitioning from school to work; Ethics in research and practice; American racism viewed through white racial frames
Program development and evaluation, vocational interests and occupational classification, school climate and organization development, delinquency and drug prevention.
1. Disability; 2. Transition; 3. Employment; 4. Career Development, 5. Special Education
Access and retention within graduate education and the professoriate, African American students and faculty, the nature and influence of faculty-student relationships and mentoring, access and college experiences of Black immigrants, campus racial climate
practice-based teacher education
cognitive and motivational aspects of reading and learning, psychology of learning and instruction in classroom contexts