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Parenting, fathering, attachment, leadership, parent education, drug prevention education, self, self-esteem, family support.
Minority students, minority high achievers, underrepresented faculty, race, equity and diversity.
Equity, Latinx Education, School-Family-Community Partnerships, Urban Education Reform
Treatment and rehabilitation of mental disorders and addiction; Career development for adolescents with disabilities transitioning from school to work; Ethics in research and practice; American racism viewed through white racial frames
Multicultural and Antiracist Counselor Education, Cultural Competence in Counseling and Social Justice Action in Urban School Settings
Program development and evaluation, vocational interests and occupational classification, school climate and organization development, delinquency and drug prevention.
1. Disability; 2. Transition; 3. Employment; 4. Career Development, 5. Special Education, 6. Inclusive Higher Education
Diversity; Equity; and Inclusion in Postsecondary Education; Racism and Campus Climate; Faculty Recruitment and Retention; Graduate Student Training and Career Development; Mentoring in Higher Education; Equity in Science; technology; Engineering; and Mathematics (STEM)
cognitive and motivational aspects of reading and learning, psychology of learning and instruction in classroom contexts
structural equation models, latent growth models, latent variable experimental design and analysis, power analysis