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cognitive development, mathematics, symbol grounding
Severe disabilities, leisure skills, secondary and transition programming.
Task-based student-centered mathematics teaching. Equity and diversity in mathematics education. Mathematics education of emergent multilingual students
Transition services and secondary education, transition assessment, technology in classroom/community.
PK-12 literacy teaching and learning, the discourses involved inteaching and learning in schools, comprehensive school-wide literacy programs, and sustainable school improvement.
Emotions and stress as risk and resilience processes among underserved, U.S. minority students, school-based promotion of emotional health and prevention of mental health problems, prevention among international refugee students and teachers.
Learning disabilities, written expression, leadership/teacher preparation programs, best practice in classroom interventions/instruction.
Racial equity in higher education, Asian American college students, affirmative action, college admissions, race and religion, race/climate in STEM