Severe disabilities, leisure skills, secondary and transition programming.
Language Policy and Planning, Language Educator Preparation, Bilingual Education
Task-based student-centered mathematics teaching. Equity and diversity in mathematics education. Mathematics education of emergent multilingual students
Transition services and secondary education, transition assessment, technology in classroom/community.
PK-12 literacy teaching and learning, the discourses involved inteaching and learning in schools, comprehensive school-wide literacy programs, and sustainable school improvement.
Emotions and stress as risk and resilience processes among underserved, U.S. minority students, school-based promotion of emotional health and prevention of mental health problems, prevention among international refugee students and teachers.
Learning disabilities, written expression, leadership/teacher preparation programs, best practice in classroom interventions/instruction.
Teacher learning and development for teaching multilingual learners; practice-based pedagogies of teacher education; self-reflexive and participatory methods; teacher collaboration; core practices for teaching multilingual learners.
classroom writing communities, professional development in writing instruction, teaching in the writer's workshop
Mathematical learning and numerical cognition. Behavioral and computational modeling methods. Approach using a context and cognition framework.