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equity, data-based decision making, formative assessment, implementation science, intensive intervention, disability policy, school improvement, assessment, special education, Learning disabilities
Implementation & fidelity of evidence-based practices for students with disabilities by professionals in schools, secondary & transition programming, person-centered planning, supporting persons with disabilities in their communities including people with challenging behaviors and severe reputations.
Writing, argumentation, disciplinary literacy, academically and culturally diverse students., historical thinking, scientific reasoning, cognitive apprenticeships, History Education, Science education, students with disabilities
The impact of PDS Partnerships on student achievement, Teacher Expectations and Student Achievement
intersections of gender and leader identity development; culturally relevant leadership learning; experiences of women in higher education; institutional mission statements and their operationalization; leadership observation as a method of leadership learning.
Creativity, Development of Reasoning, Analogy, Educational neuroscience, Relational reasoning, Science education, Learning, Development of Scientific Thinking, Causal Reasoning, Inductive reasoning, fNIRS, Problem solving, Hypothesis testing strategies, attention, 21st century Learning, In vivo reasoning, Cognitive Neuroscience, Genetics of thought, DNA microarrays, creativity testing, automaticity, higher-level cognition, conceptual thought, emotion and reasoning, conceptual change, Chance discoveries, ERP of causal thinking, split brain patients, experimental design, neuroimaging, Crtical Thinking, attention and inhibition, prospective memory, Stereotypes and creativity, performing arts and the brain, motivated reasoning, abstract thought, gender and science, fMRI and reasoning, Science of Learning, child as scientist
Transition of youth with disabilities, disability employment and career development, inclusive higher education, family engagement for youth with disabilities, workforce development and disabilities
Research addresses how cultural assumptions inform student thinking.
Severe disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, single subject research design, applied behavior analysis.