mathematics teaching as a societal endeavor, student-centered mathematics teaching, representations of teaching, technology-supported, practice-based teacher education, history of mathematics, history of the mathematics curriculum in the US
Examining and exploring influences on teachers mathematics instructional practices, particularly in schools with a history of low achievement in mathematics.
educational entrepreurship, technology, leadership
Transition services and secondary education
Research examines how education policies and practices affect the educational experiences of at-risk students, including how the social organization of schools and different instructional practices affect distribution of educational opportunities.
data-based decision making, formative assessment, implementation science, intensive intervention, disability policy, school improvement, assessment, special education, Learning disabilities
Secondary and transition programming, person-centered planning, Secondary and transition programming, person-centered planning, supporting persons with disabilities in community including people with challenging behaviors and severe reputations.
Writing, argumentation, disciplinary literacy, academically and culturally diverse students., historical thinking, scientific reasoning, cognitive apprenticeships, History Education, Science education, students with disabilities
The impact of PDS Partnerships on student achievement, Teacher Expectations and Student Achievement
Reading instruction, including reading comprehension, learning with text, and the effects of integrating informational texts into literacy instruction on children's comprehension, vocabulary, and motivation.