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Though I have various research interests, I tend to focus on best practices for literacy and language instruction to support culturally and linguistically diverse students,  writing development of English learners (ELs), and teacher preparation for working with ELs across content areas. 
Influence of how identity and personal experiences shape the literacy practices and learning in the classroom for both teachers and students; K-12 literacy instruction, including critical literacy; teacher preparation with a focus on the intersection of theory & practice.
Autism; Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education; Language, Literacy, and Social Communication; Families' Experiences, Beliefs, and Practices; Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners; Positive and Naturalistic Behavioral Support Strategies
scientific inquiry;, science learning and assessment;, computational thinking;, equity;, virtual environments;, professional development
"Social cognitive development, morality, intergroup relationships, origins of prejudice, social exclusion, morality and theory of mind, implicit and explicit biases, and broadening participation in STEM by promoting inclusive classroom contexts"
Process and outcome in counseling and psychotherapy groups; The therapy relationship: Working alliance, Real Relationship and Transference-Countertransference; Actor-Partner Interdependence Model applied to groups; Dyadic methods for analyzing the therapeutic relationship; Longitudinal analyses.
The political economy of educational policy and social change, how gender, race, and class intersect with educational and social inequalities.
child care and early education policy, early childhood education, young children's understanding of their early school experiences, teacher beliefs about development, Teacher Education
Severe and multiple disabilities, inclusion of children with severe disabilities into school/community settings, instructional methods, single subject design research.