structural equation models, latent growth models, latent variable experimental design and analysis
African American Language; Race, Equity, Language, and Literacy; Critical Approaches to Second Language Writing and Assessment; Language Policies and Language Rights; Composition and Rhetoric; and Critical Language Awareness/Critical Discourse Analysis
Finite mixture modeling, Models for repeated measures data, Latent variable modeling, and Statistical computing
Understanding the multiple perspectives of visual language, literacy, and culture and how they affect the teacher, student
Research investigates educational program quality and sustainability in developing countries and the historical dimensions of work preparation in the United States, particularly in relation to curricular issues.
Intersection of health and overall psychosocial well-being with a focus on positive adaptation, Process and outcome in counseling and psychotherapy, Counselor training and clinical supervision. Link to my lab is below:
Research draws upon the foundations of phenomenology and hermeneutics to make interpretive sense of the lifeworlds of teachers and students and the broader educational community.
History of education and school reform, legal issues in education, quantification in education, and the development of standards and accountability systems.
Teacher education policy and practice and the education doctorate or professional practice degree.
Dr. Martin's scholarly interests include intensive literacy intervention for children with learning disabilities, social support, and parental involvement in relation to academic achievement.