Center for Educational Innovation and Improvement (CEII)

Targeted School Support and Improvement (TSI) Network


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The University of Maryland College of Education’s Center for Educational Innovation and Improvement will launch the Maryland Targeted School Support and Improvement (TSI) Network. This new network is designed to support school leadership teams in planning and implementing school improvement in TSI schools across the state through a focused Community of Practice. The TSI Support Network will provide valuable resources, enable TSI school leaders to engage with peers and experts, and facilitate an understanding and application of evidence-based strategies to assist in closing gaps and improving student learning. The Maryland Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Consolidated Plan identifies TSI school as any school where one or more subgroups have performed below the “All Students” group based on Maryland’s accountability plan.

Using Improvement Science as a framework, the TSI Support Network will provide crossschool and cross-district learning tailored to the context-specific needs of TSI schools and the local school systems supporting them.

The TSI Institute for the 2022-2023 school year will be virtual. The network will support the TSI school leadership in the following:

  • Identify problem and root causes, goals, and drivers to focus improvement efforts.
  • Convene quarterly for virtual meetings on evidence-based practices, leadership, issues critical to their improvement. Convenings include sharing with peers, as well as technical assistance and professional learning from faculty at the University of Maryland and across the region.
  • Work with other school leaders in affinity groups based on needs and problems of practice, organized around the three student subgroups most associated with TSI exit criteria: students with disabilities, economically-disadvantaged students, English language learners.

Access to online forums, webinars, a resource hub, and research and practice expertise from university faculty and other content specialists in the field. For local school systems, the network will provide a one-on-one consultation to support their school improvement work.

The Network is designed to support school teams addressing their TSI challenges. A limited number of school district administrators would participate to support the schools in their district:

  • TSI School teams: Principals plus additional school representative(s) (up to 5 participants per team)
  • Local School System administrators (1 to 3 representatives per district)

There is a $3000 annual membership fee per school team (up to 5 representatives). The fee covers training, materials, and all virtual meetings. This fee also enables teams to access webinars and resources through the support network online hub.