Please join CEii for the Greater Impact II Conference, which will be focused on District-University Partnerships for Excellence: Developing the Equity Proficient Leader. The conference will be held  November 7th - 9th, at the Stamp Student Union.

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About the Center

The Center for Educational Innovation and Improvement supports faculty in the College of Education as well as across campus in developing new and innovative approaches that advance public education and enhance educational opportunities for children and young adults in Maryland and the region and serve as the core of leadership preparation for school leaders in Maryland and the region. The Center serves as an incubator for infusing improvement science into schools and school systems and for bringing together researchers and Pre-K-12 educators to focus on creating innovative initiatives that advance teaching, leadership and learning.

The Center's mission is to develop and maintain collaborative partnerships among faculty and local, state, regional, and national educational agencies and organizations for the purpose of promoting advancements in professional education, developing innovative solutions for current thorny problems of practice in education and supporting collaborative research designed to improve teaching, leadership, equity, and student learning in public schools. 

The Promise of Improvement Science in Education

CEII Annual Forum 2018

3-Year Goals
3-Year Goals

Major Work Projects
Major Work Projects

Improvement Science Partnerships
The Center will lead the development of unique, new partnerships that engage a wide cross section of stakeholders to use Improvement Science strategic engagement processes addressing key problems in education focused on equity and student learning.

Innovative School Leadership ProgramsThe Center will support and expand the COE’s Leadership Preparation programs and significantly increase the knowledge and support of these programs within the COE and surrounding school districts.  This includes exploring how to institutionalize the EdD program and reinstitute a more innovative and responsive Admin I certificate program.

UMD Research Partnership Hub
The Center will serve as a conduit between local school districts and UMD researchers/scholars to help identify and nurture mutually beneficial research and scholarship centered on improving student outcomes in k-12 education.   The primary goal will be to improve the relevance and impact of UMD research on solving real problems in schools.  

Growth, Engagement and Influence
The Center will ambitiously pursue a growth and engagement agenda including expanding partnership work at state and national levels.  The focus of this work will be highlighting the  University’s presence as a local and national leader in education policy, research and practice and to promote collaboration among IHEs and LEAs in Maryland to advance effective k-12 education improvement.

Core Strategic Approach
The Center will engage in its work by centering in an Improvement Science approach to designing and implementing innovative solutions to tough problems in public education.  Improvement Science (also referred to as continuous improvement) uses explicit and collaborative tools to accelerate learning-by-doing and to help effective reform ideas to spread faster and more efficiently.  It is a more user-centered and problem-centered approach to achieve meaningful and measurable improvement in teaching and learning.