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Center for Educational Innovation and Improvement (CEII)

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For too long, policymakers have used mandates and top-down approaches to make changes in teaching and learning. Likewise, researchers have studied problems and shared evidence of what works without a full understanding of schools’ needs or the diverse contexts in which they operate. Too few have engaged schools and systems in identifying their specific problems and providing necessary support to help solve them. The Center for Educational Innovation and Improvement (CEii) at the University of Maryland seeks to change that paradigm.

CEii brings together the shared expertise of research and practice to develop leadership, improve schools, and advance equity. We foster collaborative partnerships for the purpose of promoting advancements in professional education, developing innovative solutions for current thorny problems of practice in education, and supporting collaborative research in public schools. Our aim is to ensure that faculty expertise meets the needs of the schools and districts while keeping equity at the center of our work.

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