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Center for Educational Innovation and Improvement (CEII)

UMD Programs and Leadership Development

The Center works to support and expand the College of Education’s (COE) Leadership Preparation programs and significantly increase the knowledge and support of these programs within the COE and surrounding school districts, which includes institutionalizing the Ed.D. doctoral program and reinstituting an innovative and responsive Maryland Administrator I Certification.

Admin 1 Certification:  School Improvement Leadership PBC

School Improvement Leadership Certificate with Maryland Administrator I Certification is an 18-credit program that includes a practicum and administrator certification in Maryland. Focus includes data-driven leadership, instructional leadership, and fostering positive school cultures and climates. Learn about the Admin 1 Certification: School Improvement Leadership PBC.

School Improvement Leadership Certificate for Teacher Leaders

The School Improvement Leadership Certificate for Teacher Leaders is a 12-credit certificate program designed around the framework and tools of improvement science. Focus is on empowering teacher leaders to help elevate the quality of instruction and advocate for greater equity through their sphere of influence.  This Certificate program is organized around the core competencies of the Teacher Leader Model Standards.

Ed.D. Doctoral Program in School System Leadership

Ed.D. Doctoral Program in School System Leadership is a cohort-based doctoral program in education with grounding in improvement science, which leads to a Maryland Superintendency certification.

Improvement Science Trainings and Workshops

The Center provides trainings and workshops to engage interested policy leaders and practitioners in the tenants and tools of improvement science as a problem-centered approach to improve teaching and learning.

Leadership Coaching and Implementation Support

We take a customized approach to continuous improvement coaching. Implementing, gathering data, measuring whether change is an improvement, and then adapting strategies based on the learning is at the heart of our coaching process with school and district leaders. Some areas of past coaching include the following:

  • Establishing mission, vision, and policies and procedures for retaining and developing teacher leaders.

  • Developing and transforming professional learning communities.

  • Engaging in data-driven cycles of continuous improvement for ongoing measurement of processes and progress toward goals.

  • Building capacity for school improvement planning using disciplined inquiry and improvement science methodologies.