Center for Educational Innovation and Improvement (CEII)

Technical Assistance

CEii partners with schools and systems to create customized solutions that support areas of need and to identify improvement goals. Through our consulting and technical assistance services, we collaborate with participants’ key stakeholders to gain a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities. We work with teams on direct problems and help design change strategies for their work in their specific contexts.

CEii also offers a variety of professional learning programs geared toward teacher leaders, school leaders, and school system leaders. The Center’s training and hands-on learning opportunities are delivered through webinars and virtual platforms, in-person workshops, and multi-day institutes. All are specifically geared toward teams working together on problems in their schools and systems. 

Principles of Improvement

The Center offers engaging webinars and in-person training sessions to unpack specific practices designed to help participants address the improvement needs in their states, districts, and schools.

Transforming Professional Learning Communities

This training series is designed to assist teacher leaders and school administrators in re-envisioning and re- organizing dedicated grade-level and department team time for shared planning into a powerful forum for collaborative learning and improvement.

Developing Teacher Leadership

These training modules provide teachers with a foundation in the principles of teacher leadership and strategies for guiding the improvement of teaching and learning with their peers.

Designing Teacher Career Ladders 

The Center offers engaging webinars and in-person training sessions to support the design and implementation of teacher career ladders in alignment with the Blueprint for Maryland's Future. Click here to see our presentation from the Accountability and Implementation Board's Technical Assistance Summer 2023 Session.  

School Improvement Planning with School and Systems

  • Needs Assessments and Problem Identification: By gathering and analyzing data from a range of stakeholders, needs assessments help to identify a specific problem of practice on which to focus.
  • Root Cause Analysis: We lead stakeholders through a process of analyzing demographic, academic, contextual, operational, and perception data and then delve into the full range of factors that enable or limit their success. These root cause analyses have been game changing for school districts building continuous improvement cycles in their work.
  • School Improvement Planning: We help stakeholders identify an aim or goal that is manageable and measurable, a set of actions or drivers that provide the most leverage to meet the goal, and change ideas that might affect those drivers.

School Improvement Institute

This is a multi-day institute integrates principles of improvement science to provide customized support to school leadership teams to improve school performance.

  • Optimizing Learning as a Leadership Team
  • Working Collaboratively to Solve School-Specific Problems of Practice
  • Planning for School Improvement Implementation