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Supporting the Implementation of the Blueprint for Maryland's Future

UMD Teacher Career Ladder Framework


The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future & the Development of Teacher Career Ladders 

The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future envisions a paradigm shift in every school in the state to ensure every student receives a world-class education. The teacher career ladder will be one of the innovative approaches districts will leverage to increase the professional development and growth opportunities offered to teachers. 



To access the printable version, please click here. 


Using the Teacher Career Ladder Framework 

The UMD Teacher Career Ladder Framework hopes to serve as a conversation starter for district leaders and education association leaders as they navigate the complicated process of designing and implementing a teacher career ladder that aligns with the goals and objectives of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future. This document is the culmination of working with Prince George’s County Schools, Prince George’s County Educators Association, Montgomery County Public Schools, and Montgomery County Educators Association to think through the different decision-making points needed to move from the Blueprint’s teacher career ladder in theory to an actualized career trajectory and professional development system. The UMD Teacher Career Ladder Framework is a tool that we hope can support the work of district and education association leaders as they design, negotiate, and implement a career ladder that meets the needs of the students and teachers in their district.  


Continuing the Conversation 

One of the exciting and challenging parts of the Blueprint is the impact it could have on the quality of education offered to every public school student in the state of Maryland. Simultaneously, there are still lots of open questions about how the Blueprint will be implemented in districts across the state. Therefore we see the UMD Teacher Career Ladder Framework as an iterative product that will develop and change as additional state-level regulations and best practices are identified and applied. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Contact the team Segun Eubanks Ed.D. and Pamela Callahan Ph.D. 


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