Motivation and Literacy, Reading Comprehension and Differentiated Instruction, Cognitive and Motivational Reading Development of Children from Diverse Language Backgrounds or English Language Learners, Reading Comprehension of Children with Literacy Related Learning Difficulties
1. Science Teacher Education, culturally responsive, culturally relevant, and culturally sustaining pedagogies
Economics and finance of higher education, state higher education policy, labor market outcomes of graduate students, and quantitative research methods
social/political cognition, civic education cross-nationally, cross-cultural and inter-cultural studies, research related to social policy, Interaction in technology-rich environments, social studies and history learning. <em>Areas of Student Supervision:
a) culturally responsive and rigorous instruction for African American elementary readers, b) preparing socially-just and equity-minded K-5 literacy teachers, and c) college and career readiness in K-5 literacy classrooms.
Research focuses on teaching and teacher education, cultural diversity, and school-community partnerships.
Influence of art making on critical and creative thinking skills; maintaining relevancy in art curriculum with contemporary artists; connecting traditional handwork processes to contemporary art making; community based art education
My research focuses on the teaching and learning of mathematics, and of algebra in particular. I examine how teachers' attend to student algebraic thinking during instruction and how pre-service teachers can learn to attend productively to student algebraic thinking through the use of video.
Bullying and bullying prevention, school-based mental health services and prevention of mental health problems, mental health literacy, help seeking among culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students, parenting practice and family involvement
language and reading acquisition, cross language and writing system comparisons, second language/bilingual literacy development