Improvement Science, Leadership Development, Educator Preparation, the Achievement Gap
Research includes the effects of television on young people, the use of media in teaching, politics and policy development relative to educational technology, and humanistic aspects of educational media.
Analysis of administrative data and survey data obtained under complex sampling designs, multilevel latent variable models, tests of mediation within a multilevel framework
Access and equity, teacher noticing and ethnomathematics
Prevention (polulation-based school psychology), social-emotional learning of K-12 students, professional issues in school psychology.
Social network analysis, Bayesian statistics, statistical modeling, data science, machine learning
Motivation and Literacy, Reading Comprehension and Differentiated Instruction, Cognitive and Motivational Reading Development of Children from Diverse Language Backgrounds or English Language Learners, Reading Comprehension of Children with Literacy Related Learning Difficulties
I study underrepresented groups and their teachers in STEM, literacy, and exceptional education contexts. My research aims to center the voices of marginalized learners and their families, particularly highlighting and affirming the cultural, ancestral, linguistic, scientific, and historically-divergent knowledge profiles that are significantly reflected and respected in their homes more frequently than their classrooms. I investigate, lead, and co-facilitate this work primarily in the United States and Cuba. The following terms describe my scholarship: *Science/STEM Education, *[International] Teacher Education, *Ancestral STEM/computing knowledge, *Culturally responsive, culturally relevant, and culturally sustaining pedagogies, *STEM [teacher] recruitment/retention, *Interdisciplinary and Digital Literacy, *[Black] English Learners, *The HBCU Experience
Economics and finance of higher education, state higher education policy, labor market outcomes of graduate students, and quantitative research methods
social/political cognition, civic education cross-nationally, cross-cultural and inter-cultural studies, research related to social policy, Interaction in technology-rich environments, social studies and history learning. <em>Areas of Student Supervision: