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My research focuses on the teaching and learning of mathematics, and of algebra in particular. I examine how teachers' attend to student algebraic thinking during instruction and how pre-service teachers can learn to attend productively to student algebraic thinking through the use of video.
Bullying and bullying prevention, school-based mental health services and prevention of mental health problems, mental health literacy, help seeking among culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students, parenting practice and family involvement
language and reading acquisition, cross language and writing system comparisons, second language/bilingual literacy development
Computational Thinking & Computational Literacy, Computer Science Education, Broadening Participation in Computing, Human-Computer Interaction, Data Science Education, Educational Technology, Design of Learning Environments
Social and academic motivation at school, peer relationships and school adjustment, teacher-student relationships, goal setting and self-regulation, prosocial behavior.
Reading, adolescents with reading difficulties and disabilities in the content-area (i.e., English language arts, social studies, science) and supplemental intensive intervention setting, multi-tiered systems of support, professional development and coaching for instructional leaders (e.g., literacy coaches) and teachers
Development and socialization of motivation and gender differences, achievement motivation, self-regulation and learning, motivation for literacy, motivation interventions
Achievement motivation, instructional development, the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL), mentorship models for undergraduate and graduate students, and professional support of all students, with special emphasis for those from underrepresented backgrounds in STEM and beyond
Dr. Williams' clinical and research interests include induction supports for beginning special education teachers, supportive transitions from preservice preparation to inservice teaching, coaching and mentoring inservice special education teachers, and effective academic and executive functioning support for high school and university students.
Secondary English Education, teacher preparation, literacy, grammar