Student learning and development, leadership education, leadership identity development, critical perspectives of leadership theory, relational and social change leadership, developmental sequencing and scaffolding in curriculum design
The language of schooling, language diversity, second language teaching, democratic education.
social development, Developmental Psychopathology, peer relationships, parenting and parent-child relationships, culture
Research interests include emergent literacy, family literacy, cognitive style, and play.
Educational Policy and School Reform, History of Education, Philosophy of Education, Civic Education, Educational Law
Secondary mathematics education, field placement practices in pre-service teacher preparation within the area of secondary mathematics edTPA.
Takes a critical theory analysis of curricular issues with a focus on the issues of race, class, and theories of social justice. Research includes a critical historical analysis of the history of the American Eugenics Movement in the early twentieth centu
Higher Education Policy, Teacher Education Policy, P-20 Education Pipeline and Alignment, College and Career Readiness.
Identification of academic resiliency factors among youth of color living in underresourced neighborhoods; interrogating queer blindfolded and other lenses that heterosexual identifying individuals adopt in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer concerns; racial bias among practicing mental health professionals; integration of social justice principles in the fields of counseling and counseling psychology.
English and Literacy Education with a focus on reader response, reading comprehension, and written communication.